June 3, 2015
Aunt Julie's 100th Birthday

Judy and I drove up to Minneapolis to visit and join in celebrating aunt Julie’s 100th birthday. She lives at St. Therese Home, a wonderful place, like a small city with everything she would need at her disposal. From a dining room comparable to a plush supper club, a coffee shop for breakfast and lunch, a gift shop, beauty shop, game room, party room, craft center, movie theater, a huge outdoor garden and patio area overlooking a golf course, a chapel, a library and many more amenities. We stayed there two nights in the guest apartment which was very nice and convenient. On Wednesday, June 3, we gathered in the party room with cakes and goodies. As relatives began arriving I reacquainted myself with cousins coming in from the Minneapolis area. Of course, the star of the show was aunt Julie, who knew everyone, where they were from and the names of their children. I have learned so much from Julie and am indebted to her for her help in supplying all the names and dates I needed to help create our family tree and build a robust family website. At 100, Julie is as sharp as ever, even though she uses a walker and is a bit hard of hearing. She attends Mass in the chapel every day and includes all of us in her prayers. Her good friend Elroy passed away a week before our arrival – how sad as they were such good friends. Julie will carry on in the manner she believes and as the spirit carries her. We had such a fine time visiting for two days but it was now time to leave. We’ll always remember and look back on this special visit.
—John Sahli

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