Greetings. I'm John V. Sahli, son of John and Esther Sahli from Hague and Linton, North Dakota. My interest in family history combined with my computer skills have inspired me to create this website project which has turned out to be a very worthwhile experience. In the process I have discovered and met many wonderful relatives. This family web site is for everyone to enjoy and discover.

All relatives are encouraged to contribute stories, documents, information of any sorts, no matter how small, and photos (I’ll scan and return them). Thanks to aunt Julie Kelvie, cousins Mary Woods, Marcie Waterman, Millie Wald, Mary Manley, Clara Olson and Patricia Okeson for information and photos. Thanks to Toni Benfit for info and photos. Thanks to Katie Wald for permission to reprint from her History of Hague book. And a special thanks to Valery Mock of Odessa, Russia, who's extra effort provided information predating 1858, information which I could never have found without his help.

Through the years my curiosity about family history had grown. I had a few old photos my parents passed on to me. Stories I read about my grandfather Joseph Sahli were both compelling and heroic. My interest in family history was peaked when I was asked about the Sahli family history and I had to begin searching for answers. This led me on a trail of discovery where any little detail was a big "find". The accounts of life in the Kleinliebental, Odessa, Russian village where grandfather came from, were engrossing. Life seemed so earthy yet idyllic at times in that German Catholic hamlet. The beautiful St. Wendelin's Church was the pride of their community.

It was from Kleinliebental where grandfather’s family left to come to America for the promise of homestead land and freedom. I view this move to be as adventurous, brave and exciting for them as it was for their ancestors when they left Germany for the Ukraine decades earlier.

In my mind, all our ancestors who immigrated to America are heros. Their strength and ability to cope with the many odds and sometimes extreme difficulty is something we can learn from. The Joseph Sahli family holds a special place in my heart, and with that in mind, I dedicate this publication to them and their offspring . -- Author  e-mail John Sahli

John V. Sahli
Born Feb. 27, 1938 in Linton, ND, son of John and Esther Sahli of Hague, ND and Linton, ND.