In the 1858 census records from Kleinliebental, (Odessa) Russia, George Sahli and his first wife Barbara (Sperle) had sons Ignatz and Siegfried and daughters Helena, Johanna and Karolina. George’s first wife died in 1856 and he married Genoveva Diringer, daughter of Lorenz Diringer. They then had five more children. Ignatz married Catherine Ashenbrenner. Their children include Franz (Frank) (1865-1935), Claudia (b.1866), Joseph (1868-1947), and Susanna (b. 1873). Ignatz through a second marriage had a son Siegfried (1882-1920). Franz married Elizabeth Brossert (1875-1950) in or about 1892 in Russia. Joseph married Magdalena Kocher (1872-1956) in 1893 in Russia. His half-brother Seigfried (1882-1920) is buried in Hague.

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The same census records show Anton Kocher, whose father was George Kocher (1775-1811), to be married to Marianna (Baumstark). They list six children at the time: Jakob, Peter, Blasius, Katharina, Anna (married Nikolaus Dosch) and Magdalena. Peter Kocher (1848-1882) later married Johanna Dosch (1849-1914), Their children’s names include: Elizabeth, Emerencia, John and Magdalena (1872-1956). Magdalena married Joseph Sahli in 1893 in Russia.
Also included are Peter Dosch and his wife Marianna along with their children: Nikolaus, Joseph, Elisabetha, Marianna and Johanna (1849-1914). Johanna Dosch married Peter Kocher (1848-1882). Their children’s names include: Elizabeth, Emerencia, John and Magdalena (1872-1956). Magdalena married Joseph Sahli in 1893 in Russia.
Ashenbrenner - Katherina Ashenbrenner, b. 1846, Josephstal
In the year 1900, Joseph Sahli, his wife Magdalena, his father Ignatius and three children, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Frank left South Russia and began their journey to America. They planned to go to South Dakota and apply for a land grant from the U.S. government (Homestead Act of 1862). After settling near Onaka, SD, Joseph began farming on his homestead land and built a sod house. The family grew with the births of Peter, Gladys and Martin. After living in Onaka for almost twelve years, Joseph sold the farm and moved his family to Hague, ND, onto farmland he purchased one mile east of town and where the last of eight children, John and Julia were born. He farmed there until 1924 at which time he retired and moved into Hague. The family farm was then taken over by his son Peter and then after a few years Martin took over the farm. Joseph and Magdalena spent the rest of their years in Hague as their children raised families of their own. Joseph died in 1947 and Magdalena passed on in 1956. See Joseph Sahli Autobiography
Joseph Sahli - Magdalena Kocher children:
Joseph Sahli G-Parents Ben/Katherine Hulm Mike/Elizabeth Glatt
Frank/Clara Sahli Peter/Anne Sahli Henry/Gladys Hummel
Martin/Margaret Sahli John/Esther Sahli Don/Julia Kelvie