Photos - 1940 to Present
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The Joseph Sahli
Family, 50th wedding anniversary - 1944

John (son of Franz)
Sahli family,
circa 1942-43.

John Kocher family, 40th anniversary

John Sahi children, 1948

Joseph Sahli -
Holy Card, 1947,

Frank and Clara Sahli family

Frank and Clara
Sahli family,
circa 1943

Ben Hulm Family, 1943

Mike and Elizabeth Glatt Family

Lena (Hulm) Mosser Wedding - 1945

Martin Sahli family, 1946.

Sahli's, Hulm's, Glatt's, Hummel's

Esther and John Sahli, 1961

John & Esther Sahli Children 1964

Julia and John
Kocher, 1967

John and Julia Kocher

Sahlis, Oct. 1972

Frank & Clara’s
50th Anniv.
Oct. 1972

Sahli's, Apr. 1979,
Hank/Gladys Hummel
50th Anniv.

Peter and Anna Sahli

Henry Hummel Family
Hague Map

John and Esther with
children - July, 1982

Frank Sahli,
Fergus Falls,
Sept. 19, 1999

Frank Sahli,
100 years old
Nov. 1999

Glatt family brothers and sisters, May, 2000

Marcella and Russ Waterman, 9/2/2000

James D. Sahli,
Family, 2002

Map of Hague, ND

Locket, 1940's
Esther Sahli

Combining Wheat in Emmons County, 2007

Millie Wald,
Hague Centennial

Julie Kelvie's 97th
w/ John Sahli,
Judy Tolley

Five Generations

Julie Kelvie 98th Birthday, 2013

Cousins, 2013, Glatts, Zeeland, ND

mary hulm

German speaking counties in U.S., 2000

Mary (Hulm) Chikis on
her 97th birthday

Julie (Sahli) Kelvie on 100th Birthday

Julie (Sahli) Kelvie on 101st Birthday