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Sahli Family lands at Ellis Island Kaiser Wilhelm Ship and Ellis Island
Sahli stories, letters and misc. Old Stories, Letters Etc.
Joseph Sahli - Autobiography Joseph Sahli Life Autobiography
Joseph Sahli Obituary, 1868-1947 Joseph Sahli Obituary
Kocher Families from 1755 Kocher Families
Frank P. Sahli Biography Frank P. Sahli Biography
Frank P. Sahli Autobiography Frank Sahli Autobiography
Frank and Clara Sahli Anniversary Frank Sahli 50th Anniversay
Frank P. Sahli Obituary Frank Sahli Obituary
John Sahli Obituary 1912-1998 John Sahli Obituary
Katherine (Sahli) Hulm Obituary Katherine Hulm Obituary
Elizabeth (Sahli) Glatt Obituary Elizabeth Glatt Obituary
Peter and Anna Sahli Obituary Peter/Anna Sahli Obituary
Joseph Kocher Obituary Joseph Kocher Obituary
James Sahli Obituary 1939-2006 James Sahli Obituary
Rosina Kreitel Obituary 1849-1914 Rosina Kreitel Obituary
Anna (Hulm) Schweitzer Obituary Anna Schweitzer Obituary
Lena (Hulm) Mosser 1920-2008 Lena Mosser Obituary
Farm Auction, 1923, Joseph Sahli Joseph Sahli Farm Auction
Barbara (Glatt) Schumacher Obit. Barbara Schumacher Obituary
Ben Glatt Obituary, 1919-2004 Ben Glatt Obituary
Margaret (Sahli) Connolly 1909-83 Margaret Connolly
Richard Hummel Obit. 1936-2010 Richard "Dick" Hummel
James Hummel Obit. 1931-2012 James Hummel
Jerome Sahli Obit. 1923-2009 Jerome Sahli
Virgil Sahli Obit. 1929-2008 Virgil Sahli
Roger Sahli Obit. 1940-2010 Roger Sahli
"Tillie" (Hulm) Schatz Obit. 1922-2013 Tillie Schatz
Mary (Glatt) Manley Obit. 1921-2016 Mary Manley
Julie Ann Kelvie Obit. 1915-2016 Julie Ann Kelvie
A Relative Reunion, 2000 Reunion at Hague ND
Sahli-Glatt Family Reunion, 2003 Reunion 2003
Archived Guest Book, Pre-2006 Archived Guest Book
Sahli Family Tree from 1758 Family Tree
Family, by John V. Sahli Family, Book, hardcover, 62 pages
John Sahli Family Photos, 1928-1987 Sahli Family Photos
Julie (Sahli) Kelvie Birthday, 6/3/2015 Aunt Julie's 100th Birthday

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