John Sautter Family
John Sautter married Dorthea (Knoepfle) Sautter in 1892
She was born Mar 1, 1873 in Weitsatz, South Russia and died July 22, 1955 at Linton, ND.
He was born Sept. 15, 1872 in Guldendorf, South Russia and died Feb. 1, 1920 at Linton, ND. (See Sautter Family Web Site: Sautter Family Home Page )

    Richard Sautter was born 1893 in Artas, SD, died 1967 in Bismarck. Moved to Linton, ND in 1909 with his parents. Married Elsie Godfrey on Oct. 24, 1914. Their children are:
    spaceLoretta (Sautter) 1) Markert 2) Albrect
    spaceNeil Sautter
    spaceEileen (Sautter) 1)Vander Vorst 2) Besse
    spaceHarry Sautter
    spaceLuella (Sautter) Tuttle
    spaceRonald Sautter

    Bertha (Sautter) Kremer was born Dec. 18, 1894, died March 7, 1988.
    She married Jacob (J.J.) Kremer on Nov. 26, 1912. Their children are:
    spaceLeslie Kremer
    spaceEsther (Kremer) Larson
    spaceFrances (Kremer) Chesrown
    spaceAletta (Kremer) Olson
    spaceLaVonne (Kremer) Kelling
    spaceDonna (Kremer) Rickert

    Alvina (Sautter) Graph was born July, 1897 in Campbell County, South Dakota. She married Ed Graph.
    Their children are:

    Emil Sautter
    was born about 1898 in Campbell County, South Dakota. He married Arvilla Bassett.Their children:

    Edwin Sautter was born in March, 1900 and died of a flu epidemic.

    Lena (Magdalena Sautter) Weber was born Dec. 11, 1904. She married Martin Weber
    Their children are:

    Arthur Sautter was born May 9, 1907 in Campbell County, South Dakota and died March, 1964. He married Clara Bechtle on July 18, 1933.

    Robert Sautter was born July 11, 1908, died Feb. 8, 1995 in Oakland Calif. He married Tillie Lipp. Their children are:

    Walter Sautter was born Dec. 15, 1909, died June 14, 1990. He lived in Linton most of his life and is buried there.

    Esther (Sautter) Sahli was born Aug. 22, 1911 in Linton, ND, died Jan. 7, 1992 in Appleton, WI. She married John Sahli of Hague, ND on Dec. 12, 1937. Their children are:
    spaceJohn V. Sahli
    spaceJames D. Sahli
    spacePaul J. Sahli
    spaceThomas D. Sahli
    spaceDavid L. Sahli
    spaceRobert L.Sahli
    spaceSteven A. Sahli

    Edna Sautter died in infancy. Born March 22, 1913 and died Aug. 23, 1914.