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Frank Sahli (son of Joseph Sahli) - said that it’s a good thing that my father (Joseph) was so strict... or I would have turned out a lot worse than I am. (9/19/1999)

John Sahli (son of Joseph Sahli) relates that when we were kids at the dinner table, none of us would dare drop our fork, because by the time we got down and picked it up...all the food could be gone.

Frank Sahli (son of Joseph Sahli) - Feb. 3, 1988, “Our Vikings look much better now, holding the Redskins to only 17 points. If we could have beat them and went on to the Super Bowl, we just might have beat the Broncos and WE would have been World Champions. “Wait til next year” as the saying goes.”

Martin Sahli explains he almost killed a guy in a boxing match when he knocked him out. After seeing this he gave up boxing.

Joseph Sahli (son of Frank Sahli) Watauga S.D., in 1936 Joe Sahli was a roomer at the hotel. He and four other people had a meal including a bean salad that everyone ate but Joe. The other four all died of botulism poisoning. It was a very memorable experience for everyone here. All the people that I talk to remember something about that day. I've got all the newspaper articles about the incident and how Joe Sahli was a lucky man for not liking beans. All of the old timers here still won't eat them. -- Julie Draper

"Family" - a poem by Dawn Marie Sahli

Our Trip to North Dakota by Julie (Sahli) Kelvie

St. Mary's Church Fall Dinner, Hague, ND 2002, by Lauren Donovan, Bismarck Tribune

2003 Family Reunion, Hague, ND

1911 Letter from Theophil Sahli to Bismarck newspaper

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1914 Letter from Theophil Sahli to Bismarck newspaper